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Launch Date:

PlutusDS is a legal name for Hanbitco exchange. PlutusDS was founded in July, 2017. After developing the exchange, Hanbitco service was opened in March 13th, 2018

Project Description:

Hanbitco is a Korean crypto exchange. "Trust, Security and Simplicity. All with Hanbitco" is our moto. We are pioneering in approaching our users in a friendly manner, with a design that is attractive, not only to the advanced traders, but also to female and millennials who are new to crypto industry and investment.

We are not a "white label" exchange, and but the platform with the focus on security, earning ISO/IEC 27001 Security Certification: the most stringent global security standard for Information Security Management Systems.

Hanbitco has 27 coins/tokens listed in BTC/EOS markets. We also provide Initial Exchange Offerings for high quality projects. Listings are based on 9 criteria (i.e. Market competitiveness, security, transparency, fund safety etc. all list can be found here:

We also started a ChainAction movement to promote blockchain industry as a whole (detailed info in answer 6)

Unique features:

a) ISO/IEC 27001 Security Certification
b) One of the 7 Korean exchanges that passed all 85 security criteria set buy the Ministry of Science and ICT (Korea). Link to Coindesk article
c) unique and friendly design for female and millenials
d) First and only CEO out of 200 Korean exchanges: Sophie Sunga. She is a former Product Manager of Korbit Exchange and Eljovi MUST crypto Fund Director. Sophie actively promotes and encourage young women to participate in the blockchain industry.
e) Founders of Korea Blockchain Association: founded for the purpose of promoting healthy and growing blockchain industry and provide guidelines to lawmakers in Korea. Here is the link to the official Korea Blockchain Association website (note: website is in Korean). There is a link to CoindeskKorea article regarding the founding ceremony (Korean). Note: Founding documents were signed by our previous CEO.
g) founders of ChainAction movement: Non-profit organitization. The info is in the answer number 6: Community engagement.
Licences (if any)

a) ISO/IEC 27001 Security Certification (file attached)
b) Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) ISMS will be officially issued in June.

We currently have 12 187 KYC approved users (90% of our users are Koreans). Did 10 IEOs. Our shareholders include: Genesis Mining, ElJovi, Cubitco and Silver Stern Partners. Partners: Decentre, PayGate, Korea Blockchain Association, Blockchain Center Vilnius, Blockpatch, Blocore.

We are currently working on a simple to use mobile app for novice blockchain users and millennials. Intuitive design, no graphs and difficult to understand technical vocabulary and a few "Frooto" tokens to start a trade are the main features. This way we will be able to reach broader audience of traders and investors.

Community Engagement:

Telegram: 656 REAL members.

1145 followers in Facebook.

Twitter: 200 followers

We founded ChainAction movement (twitter page). It is a non- profit movement. We are bounded by the common goal to bring blockchain out of the box by working for a sustainable future and making a real impact.
We already participated and sponsored the STS&P (Smart Technology for Sustainable Development & Procurement) 2018 Conference and invited 33 blockchain start ups to present their ideas to the UN and public officials, but there is still a long way to go. So we will again sponsor it in 2019. The projects will have a chance to propose their ideas to UN OPS. We are in process of negotiated MoU with UN OPS. Link here

Sophie Sunga Kim actively delivers speeches. She was a panel jury at:

• Futura Blockchain Innovators Summit, Spain (futuramasummit.com)
• "Block Battle Show" that was hosted by Asian Economic TV, South Korea (http://www.nextsatoshi.com/en/#Judgement)
• Blockchain+2019+Data+Challenge, South Korea (lyze.ai/challenge/2019.html#)

Founder of ChainAction movement: non-profit organization for blockchain 17 UN Goals
• Speaker at UN working meeting on UN global goals and how blockchain can help.
• WEF boarding meeting


Sophie Sunga Kim | CEO
Eljovi MUST Crypto Fund Director
Former Product Manager of Korbit Exchange

John Kim | Chief Technology Officer
Former Founder, CEO, CTO of JKD Soft
Former CTO of Anypoint Media Group

Hailey Lee | Product Manager
Former UX Designer of Coupang
Former Product Manager of Korbit Exchange

Sam Kim | Chief Mentor
Former Investment Director at AndBeyond P.E. Fund
Former Director at K.A.C. Advisory
Former VP at Merrill Lynch Bank of America
Former Strategy Manager at Pfizer Pharmaceutical

Liam Lee | Chief Information Security Officer
Former Security Officer of Republic of Korea Air Force Headquarters
Certified Examiner of ISMS / PIMS / ISO27001

Ria Ko | Chief Financial Officer
Former Account Manager of Eberspaecher Exhaust
Systems Korea
Trading volume (if possible, explain whether you have any measures to prove that the volume is real)

Around 325 /24h. Can be found here: https://www.coinhills.com/market/exchange/hanbitco/

Geographical focus:

90% of the users are Korean, however available globally. Restricted countries listed below.

Fee structure: 0.1% trading fees (market maker/taker same).

Trading Incentives (e.g. transaction mining, zero fees): None

Some one week trading events are sometimes hold i.e. 200% PayBack events. Also, airdrop events are conducted during listing of a new coin/token.

Cybersecurity measures:

Hanbitco Exchange is one of seven exchanges that met the South Korean government's criteria of information protection and boasts a high level of security.
For user safety, BitGo multi-signature and cold-walllet storage is used.
Only a few Hanbitco employees have access to the Cold Wallet.
It also received the most prestigious ISO27001 certification in the field of Information Security Management Systems.
KISA (Korean government agency) has completed Hanbitco ISMS audit specializing in security level inspection and information protection. Certificate to be issued in June.

KYC is Mandatory. All users have to pass KYC from the first trade.
Kuruluş Yılı2017
Borsa Bağlantısıhanbitco.com
Hacim Bakımından Dünya Sırası112
MerkezSouth Korea
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Hanbitco Kripto Para
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EthereumETH/BTC485Ƀ 371.634.102 $14,29%
MakerMKR/BTC738Ƀ 361.601.739 $14,01%
ChainlinkLINK/BTC59.455Ƀ 351.559.727 $13,64%
AaveAAVE/BTC6.961Ƀ 341.505.611 $13,16%
The SandboxSAND/BTC258.780Ƀ 301.347.419 $11,78%
SushiSUSHI/BTC157.522Ƀ 261.183.833 $10,35%
RippleXRP/BTC1.284.984Ƀ 231.015.291 $8,88%
Kyber NetworkKNC/BTC619.489Ƀ 20888.761 $7,77%
Compound Governance COMP/BTC4.332Ƀ 19854.688 $7,47%
LitecoinLTC/BTC5.985Ƀ 18829.213 $7,25%

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