Coindeal Borsası: Coin Listesi, Güvenilir mi, Yorumlar Neler?

Coin listesi, güvenilir mi, yorumlar neler?
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CoinDeal is one of the fastest-growing crypto-fiat exchanges in Europe.

The company is located in Malta and is subject to Maltese regulations.
On 25 November this year, a managerial delegation from CoinDeal went to Malta to meet with the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). This is the next stage that leads the exchange to receive the Maltese VFA license.
Read more HERE. CoinDeal meets the requirements of the VFA Class 4 and all its activities are legal.
Its credibility is confirmed by its entry into the American market, which involved meeting a number of legal requirements. Thanks to Coindeal's compliance with all these requirements, it is now available in 13 states. You can read more HERE.

We are one of the largest exchanges in Europe with more than 40 cryptocurrencies pairs in our offer, including the most popular ones such as Ethereum, Bitcoin or Litecoin and FIAT currencies: Euro (EUR), Dollar (USD), British pound (GBP), Polish zloty (PLN), Swiss franc (CHF)
We always want to provide our users with the opportunity to actively participate in the development of CoinDeal, so by voting for new cryptocurrency users can decide which of them will be added to the exchange.

CoinDeal exchange created its own Token to give it for free to its users. It was the first Token in the world to be distributed free of charge to so many people. It was as many as 87 549 users of the Coindeal exchange! 45 000 000 000 Tokens were distributed, which is 90% of all created Tokens. When the market opened for CDL, which took place on November 12, 2019, the value of all Tokens was 1 129 382 USD (382 BTC)! In the beginning, CDL is available together with BTC. The pairs planned for the near future are CDL/EUR and CDL/USDT. Additionally, the exchange offers many benefits from having CDL Tokens on your account. Among other things, it is a 0% fee and you can read about it on the official Token website.

Our platform has the highest SSL standard security integrated with Cloudflare functionality. User accounts are protected by a multi-level 2FA verification. For the withdrawal of funds, it is necessary to have an email confirmation, which is also required when using the platform with new IP addresses. 90% of user funds are stored on cold wallets protected by Multisignature.

Kajetan Maćkowiak and Adam Bicz are the main managers of CoinDeal.

Adam has built his long-standing experience in the IT and blockchain sector in the international arena. As the chief programmer at CoinDeal, he is the leader of the team responsible for the development and security of the exchange. Adam operates not only within the BlockchainHouse brand but is also the creator of the BuyCoinNow and Paycoiner payment gateway.

Kajetan has been involved in co-creating blockchain technology projects for years. His professional experience allows him to effectively develop his business and manage his marketing activities. He created an international umbrella brand, which is BlockchainHouse. He is a co-creator of global brands such as Paycoiner and BuyCoinNow.
Kuruluş Yılı2018
Borsa Bağlantısı
Hacim Bakımından Dünya Sırası111
Ticaret TeşvikHayır
Coindeal Kripto Para
Kripto Paraİşlem ÇiftiHacimHacim (BTC)Hacim (USD)Hacim (%)
EthereumETH/BTC2.134Ƀ 1647.213.982 $122,32%
BitcoinBTC/USDT2Ƀ 182.095 $1,39%
ThegcccoinGCC/BTC5.143.539Ƀ 04.522 $0,08%
LitecoinLTC/BTC5Ƀ 0672 $0,01%
Adamant MessengerADM/BTC17.792Ƀ 0250 $0,00%
LightstreamsPHT/ETH12.672Ƀ 0214 $0,00%
CardanoADA/BTC136Ƀ 0178 $0,00%
RippleXRP/BTC182Ƀ 0144 $0,00%
Gg CoinGGC/BTC32Ƀ 0142 $0,00%
EosEOS/BTC13Ƀ 036 $0,00%

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